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You’re starting to smile again, because


1) Realizing you’re better off without him. From the way he treats you like trash and leaves you without looking back, you gain the strength to stand for yourself and leave.

2) You built a new life by yourself. Then he came back and told you he still loves you. It shook your conviction a bit but you said no. Because you believe that you should be treated as precious as a gem.

3) You are strong, not because of him but because of you. And you believe that there are lots of men who would make you his own world


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(this poem is dedicated to my friends Mumu Mishel and July)

A smile worth a thousand rhymes,

couldn’t hide the pain I’m keeping inside.

A smile they don’t know what’s the meaning inside,

A life full of sorrows,

I always hide.

Be happy, ohh my friends and family,

Looking at me, looking at you.. let’s say Hurray!

Smile curves the straight line.

Be merry, dont worry..I am fine!

When I was looking for that knight,

He left me hugging my kness in the night.

But no worries , I still afford to smile,

because I believe someday

He’ll go back and save my life.

author: mihoko