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Unconditional love…

In RELATIONSHIP TIPS on April 23, 2014 at 9:34 am

We can love someone and just be happy about it even if we know that it cannot last forever. It is not about having someone. It is not about owning a relationship; it is just about being happy because you know you have loved someone. There is a purpose and meaning behind all events and this purpose and meanings develop you as a person and a lover. Whatever relationship you have in your life now, they are precisely the ones you need at this moment.


One of the hardest things to do…is to TRUST

In Advice on Letting Go on November 7, 2013 at 2:52 pm

 Especially when those whom you TRUSTED the most were those who betrayed you.  

I’m not going to deny it nor object but I wanna add more about it. Once the trust is gone, it will never be the same again. Maybe you can forgive the person but you can never bring it back no matter how much you’ve tried. A relationship with no trust anymore, is like a rust..useless. So, I am very careful of giving my trust now for it’s so hard to lose people that were once closed to you.

A reason for everything!

In Advice about Life on May 24, 2013 at 4:51 pm

Life doesn’t always introduce you to the people you want to meet.

Sometimes life puts you in touch with the people you need to meet – to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you, and to gradually strengthen you into the person you were meant to become

The act of being brave…

In Advice about Life, Advice on Letting Go on April 2, 2013 at 9:46 am

To let go isn’t to forget, not to think about, or ignore. It doesn’t leave feelings of anger, jealousy, or regret. Letting go isn’t about winning or losing. It’s not about pride and it’s not about how you appear, and it’s not obsessing or dwelling on the past. Letting go isn’t blocking memories or thinking sad thoughts, and doesn’t leave emptiness, hurt, or sadness. It’s not about giving in or giving up. Letting go isn’t about loss and it’s not about defeat. To let go is to cherish the memories, to overcome and move on. Letting go is learning and experiencing and growing. To let go is to be thankful for the experiences that made you laugh, made you cry, and made you grow. It’s about all that you have, all that you had, and all that you will soon gain. Letting go is having the courage to accept change, and the strength to keep moving.

Even If, What If

In RELATIONSHIP TIPS on February 23, 2013 at 2:30 am

Even if she sometimes annoys you, even if you’re tired from her non-stop talking and reminding about stuffs, even if she is such a crying baby every time you two watch movies together and you actually think it’s pathetic, even if she’s very sentimental about small things that you believe it’s stupid ..never ever try hurting her because of that stupid reasons for you might realize one day, everything you hate about her will make you miss and look for it once it’s gone.

Nothing is constant except change…and once she’ll get tired because of the pain you’ve inflicted upon her..then that will be the time you’re gonna learn your lesson.

What if she wont ask about you anymore like what’s goin’ on with your life or where you are at the moment.. she just doesn’t give a damn care about you,all of a sudden, would you be bothered? What if she won’t remind you anymore about your meals, vitamins, important stuffs that you always forgot..would you miss her non-stop talking? What if she won’t like watching movies with you and would rather watch it with her friends because they can understand her more than you, would you be happy with that? What if she won’t care about those important things you’ve given, forgot those memorable dates and places and most especially, she won’t even try making your birthday special… are you going to be glad about it? If those changes will happen all of a sudden, will you be annoyed or the contrary?

The answer is up to you. Just remember that even if you don’t have any ROMANTIC DNA and you’re the most dumb boyfriend in the world, she loves you wholeheartedly and unconditionally. Therefore, never ever try hurting her, respect her, love her… because you’ll only meet one kind of girl like her who is patiently loving a person like you. 🙂


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I won’t hurt you
I won’t leave you
You’re the only one
I won’t forget you
I won’t do it again
I’ll change for the better
I’ll take good care of your heart
I’ll be back for you

A broken trust can be best described as a melted chocolate No matter what you do, it will never return to it’s original form.

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How to Get a Man to Chase You

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The dating game is filled with opportunities to play both the role of the hunter and the hunted. While many people enjoy the thrill of chasing down prey, it’s often more desirable to be the one being chased. Learning to magnetized and to be a histrionic to man’s attention is the key to getting a man to chase you


1. ARE YOU? – Let him know you’re interested.  Simple gestures like smiles or nice notes can work to put a smile on his face and make room in his heart. Avoid degrading yourself for the sake of attention.
2. PEEK-A-BOO-  Give him a sneak peek.  Shower him with compliments or praise when he’s feeling low about his job. Reassure him that you’ll be there for him even when it seems like no one else will.

3. THIS IS IT – Offer desirable bait.Remember, there’s a big difference between getting a man to like and you and getting one to chase after you. Being chase-worthy means being worth the sweat and energy spent trying to obtain you.

4. BIG QUESTION MARK– Keep him guessing. Men loves the unpredictable nature of desirable women. Since life is often regimented, make him feel that he can use you for an escape.

5. BE THE FRONT– Stay a few steps ahead of him at all times. Never let him catch up to your pace. The goal is to have him chase you; not let him catch you.

Are You Ready for Love?


A good relationship isn’t a game you play or an ego trip you take. It is about love
and two people. Loving someone can give us the greatest joy we can ever know and
it can hurt more than we can believe too. When it does not really hurt when that
person did something disappointing to you, but really hurts when you see that
person in pain and sadness, then you know you truly love that person.

Loving someone means you should be ready to experience heartache and happiness at
the same time. That’s the reward and that’s the risk. Unless we are willing to
experience it, we will never really know what it’s like to love and be loved.

Sharing love is probably the most valuable and meaningful experience a person
can ever have. And there’s a difference between being in love with someone and
loving someone. It’s the difference between a love that’s fickle, wild and
short-lived and one that’s tender and passionate, nurturing and lasts a long time.
The first is easy. The second, the one that really matters to all of us, takes
work — because it’s about keeping a relationship.

Loving someone takes efforts. We have to be able to communicate with each other.
Nobody can read anyone else’s mind. We always presume that our partner knows what
we think and feel. Maybe in time we might be able to predict or sense each other’s
thoughts but it’s never perfect and takes time to develop.

Getting the chance to love and be loved by someone is blessed. Respect
him/her for who he/she is, and not what you want him/her to be. Everyone
is pretty and special in his/her own special way. No one is perfect. It is
true love which closes the gap of imperfectness to form a smooth surface
of acceptance for each other. True love sees and accepts a person for who
he/she is. It is also true love which makes a person change for the better.

The power of true love to a person is undeniable.

A relationship needs commitments too. What is love without commitments
from each other anyway? It’s like principles and values. Everyone has
them but they only mean as much as we are willing to stand for them.

The same goes for our commitments to relationships, and the person we love.

“Love is like an antique vase. It’s hard to find, hard to get, but easy to break.”

Every day everywhere, people fall in love…but just how many of these
relationships are self-sacrificing love, and not just relationships
which are formed only for the intense feeling of falling in love?
I know hundreds of friends who say the magical words “I love you”…
but more often than not, the truth is just — I am IN love with you.
There is a difference between being in love with someone and loving
someone. If a person says he/she is in love with you, he/she means
that he/she likes you for who you are now and he/she fell in love
with you because of the present you.

This kind of love is temporary and lasts only as long as the fairytale lasts.
When fairy godmother comes in at midnight to whirl us back to reality, we see
the heartache of such a relationship…where both were only IN love with each other.

But if a person says he/she loves you, he/she means that he/she
loves you unconditionally for who you are now, who you were in
the past and who you might be in the future. When he/she says he/she
loves you and really means it, you have to ask yourself if you love
him/her too or if you’re in love with the idea of being in love.
It is very hard to see the difference through logical thinking.
Let your heart guide you. May you be blessed on
your soul-searching journey for your soulmate.