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Motivational Quotes

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Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.


The Blind Man

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I was asking myself these past days if how should I walk my daily life. I was tired of being stranded in the middle of nowhere and I felt hopeless and left behind.

One sunny afternoon, I was walking in the street of my hometown when I met an old man wearing a dirty clothes, with so many backpacks in his back. He was holding a dozen of broken umbrellas and a long stick of wood. And then I realized that he was an umbrella repair man. I remembered I have a broken umbrella so before the rainy season will knock on our barangay, I decided to let him repair it so i can be ready for the rainy days. I never expected that he’s blind because he was wearing a sunglasses. I pity him so much at the same time amazed because he has the capability to repair an umbrella even if he has no sense of sight. It’s amazing!


We chatted a little while he was repairing my umbrella. Because of my curiosity, I asked him if it’s hard repairing an umbrella without the sense of sight and how did he does it. With a humble heart, he just answered me with a smile and said, “ Life is hard. Sometimes we have to go through hardships in life to appreciate what we do have. Being blind doesn’t give me the reason to quit rather it gives me reason to strive harder and thank our God that He still gives me the chance to live my life with my loved-ones. Sometimes, you just have to keep telling yourself that God knows what’s best for you. You don’t always have to like what happens, but you just have to trust. Even if i can’t see, I trust God with everything.. and I do believe in miracle. 🙂 “

I was ashamed of myself because I have so many complaints in my life but look at that blind guy, he has no complaints in life but rather grateful for everything. That day, I realized that I shouldn’t be worried in walking alone and being left behind as long as I never give-up and continue on stepping my journey. I trust God that He has so many plans for me. And no matter how many problems we have in life, those shouldn’t give you reason to quit.  When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, you better give life a thousand reasons to smile 🙂