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The DONT’s and DO’s after a Break-up

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Breaking up is hard and moving on is even harder. The end of a relationship means the beginning of a period of mourning and healing for both people.   Your heart at this moment might probably be yearning for the best way to get over this breakup and then to either decide to move on or get back together with your ex. Those feelings that you never understand, crashing your heart slowly. So many unanswered questions in your mind that made you a zombie because of sleep deprivation. We’ve all been there, waiting for answers that never came and wasting precious time trying to get that closure from an ex who just wasn’t willing to give it.

There’s no easy way to move-on. But when you let the time and your effort to work, you will pass everything that you’ve been through. Whether it was a long drawn-out breakup or one that ended abruptly without warning, below are some tips on how to move on to bigger and better things—specifically a new you.

Let the healing begin 🙂

The DONT’S :

  1. Avoid the former/past love. Yes, avoid. No, this isn’t being immature. Seeing your former flame can bring out emotions and may cause you do to or say something you will regret. In the first few weeks the best thing you can do for yourself is not be where you know they will be.
  2. No harassing or stalking of your ex. While there is obviously a fine line between harassing and stalking your ex, neither will help in endearing you to your ex. The best these will do is make you look like a pathetic loser who they prefer to be far away from.
  3. A  Giving up. Most people lose the love of their life simply by giving up too soon before they’ve made any significant attempt at getting back together with their ex. You need to understand that it’s going to take some amount of work and commitment to doing things the right way.

The DO’s :

  1. Focus on yourself. Love yourself. Value yourself. Focus on a hobby and other things you like that you probably have not had time to engage in while with your ex. However, try and avoid activities that are likely to remind you of him or her especially those both you frequently engaged in together.
  2. B+ (Be Positive). To be a survivor after a break-up requires that you need to look forward and not constantly looking back to how good you feel you had it going. If you were in a loving long-term relationship, you are definitely not going to get over the breakup overnight as time is the only factor that can help you come to terms with the breakup. While you might need to reflect on and process the breakup, you do not necessarily have to spend too much time over this process. Come to terms with its reality and move on.
  3. Talk out your feelings with close friends. Things will be far easier for you to seek advice from third parties who have experience about what you are going through. You may also need a shoulder to cry on during this period. Talk to your friends and let it all out instead of bottling up what you are feeling inside. Doing all these will help you heal quicker and to be able to move on.
  4. Focus on all the things about your ex that drove you crazy, turned you off, or that you just plain found annoying. Think about these things often and replay them in your mind over and over. Dwell on them. It will make you feel better to remember that your former flame was not perfect and that there are things you won’t really miss.
  5. Maintain a strict no contact policy and stick with it. Don’t pass notes through friends. Don’t make any calls. Stay away from instant messaging or texting on your cell. Just don’t contact your ex until you are totally and completely sure you no longer want to be with him or her. It is the only way.
  6. Think about the mean, cruel or rude things your ex may have done in your relationship. Really give these things play in your memory. Remind yourself that somebody who truly cared for you would not have done such thoughtless things and tell yourself (over and over) that you are better off without that kind of ego crushing behavior in your life.
  7.  It’s OK to cry over a loss. Don’t hold back, let the tears roll just do it in a safe and private place where it is unlikely to get back to your ex.

Mending a broken heart is hard but it is possible. Just stick to the game plan outlined above and before you know it you’ll be just fine. Good luck and God bless! 🙂


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Sometimes you just need to break down and rebuild.

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Don’t start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday.

Moving On

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Moving on is hard, but a step forward will make a change. Try 🙂