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The “50- day challenge”

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hey sweethearts.. 


Do you have a Facebook account? of course?! yea right..


almost everybody has his/her fb account. But we can’t deny the fact that Fb-ing sometimes gets boring.


Are you bored right now? Then we’re on the same boat. hehe 🙂


I just want to share to you my  secret  in conquering boredom..


IT’S FUN!! 😀




you can try this if you like ^_^






Step one: Make a new album and name it “50 Day Challange”.
Step two: Post a picture in that album every day for 50 days!
Step three: Give the picture a caption that says the day number, what was supposed to be posted that day, anda brief description of the picture.

GOAL!: By doing this, anyone who looks at this album should be able to know a lot about you.

DAY 1: Your favorite picture of yourself.
DAY 2: A family picture.
DAY 3: A picture of you and your bestest friend.
DAY 4: A picture of someone you love a lot.
DAY 5: A picture of you and your sibling/s, or pet/s.
DAY 6: A picture of you on your favorite vacation.
DAY 7: A picture of the one place you want to visit the most.
DAY 8: A picture of your favorite food.
DAY 9: A picture that makes you laugh.
DAY 10: A picture of someone you really miss.
DAY 11: A picture from your favorite movie.
DAY 12: A picture of the person you have been through the most with.
DAY 13: The cover of your favorite book.
DAY 14: A picture of something you collect.
DAY 15: A picture of your favorite thing you own.
DAY 16: A picture of something that you want.
DAY 17: A picture with a quote on it that you think describes your life.
DAY 18: A picture of you making a funny face.
DAY 19: A picture of you wearing your favorite color.
DAY 20: A picture of a tattoo, or piercing you have or want.
DAY 21: A picture of either the school you go to, or where you work.
DAY 22: A picture of something someone bought you that is really special to you. DAY 23: A picture of you doing something you love.
DAY 24: A picture of the person you can share anything with.
DAY 25: A picture from a sleepover.
DAY 26: A picture of something that terrifies you.
DAY 27: A picture of something that you love.
DAY 28: A picture from your favorite television show.
DAY 29: A picture from a night you will remember forever.
DAY 30: A picture of your favorite drink.
DAY 31: A picture from winter.
DAY 32: A Christmas picture.
DAY 33: A picture of you on your birthday.
DAY 34: A picture of you when you were little.
DAY 35: A picture of your favorite artist.
DAY 36: A picture of you at a party.
DAY 37: A picture of your favorite flower.
DAY 38: A picture of your favorite store.
DAY 39: A picture from Halloween.
DAY 40: A picture of your childhood friend.
DAY 41: A picture of your room.
DAY 42: A picture from birth.
DAY 43: A picture of your favorite actor/actress.
DAY 44: A picture of someone you wish you looked like.
DAY 45: A picture of your celebrity crush.
DAY 46: A school picture.
DAY 47: A picture of someone who makes you laugh.
DAY 48: A picture from a school dance.
DAY 49: A picture of the animal you would be if you were an animal. (Not the animal you want to be, the animal you think you are closely related to… if that makes sense?)

DAY 50: A random picture of your choice. (HINT: choose something you think describes you.)



Again,  by doing this, anyone who looks at this album should be able to know a lot about you.  😉







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“Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free till they find someone just as wild to run with them.” – Sex in the City

Break-Ups are very traumatic to everybody. But after the initial pain and sorrow passes, you’ll find that flying solo isn’t that bad. As a single person you may not realise just how good you have it. Most single people are so caught up in self pity that precious opportunities pass them by and they don’t even realise it.  Rather than becoming bitter, make a conscious decision to learn from your past relationship, whether or not you feel you had any fault in its demise.

So here are some fabulous ways and tips to enjoy being single 🙂

  1. Don’t let anyone else pressure you into what they think your life should look like. If well-meaning friends begin to drop hints or arrange blind dates without consulting you, tell them thanks, but you will let them know when and if you are ready to begin dating. 
  2. Ignore the naysayers. Remember that you don’t have to defend your right for being single, just like it’s rude to attack the validity of someone’s relationship.
  3. Recognize the benefits. Think about it. Your friends who are taken can’t go to a party and flirt with that hot new guy. They can’t go out go out as often. They often feel they can’t go out dressed as sexy, for fear guys will “oggle” them. 
  4. Focus on friendship. Being single doesn’t have to mean being lonely. When you’re single, you have more time to do a variety of things, all of which are opportunities to forge new friendships. Even if you’re an introvert, this can be an excellent time to nurture your extroverted side. 
  5. Busy yourself. Do your homework. Paint your nails. Watch a brand new thriller movie. Read a book. Catch up on some beauty sleep. 
  6. Appreciate the absence of compromise. Classic relationship advice dictates that compromise, sacrifice are essential to a healthy relationship. Perhaps if you’ve been in a relationship before, you realize how much stuff you had to give up in order to make that relationship work. Or maybe you forgot about that stuff, because you’re focused on the things you miss. Well, this is a good time to shift that focus. A relationship can add many good things to your life, but it also adds some rigidity, so take the time to appreciate your current flexibility. 😀
  7. Explore. You’re young. You’re single. Don’t sit around all day moping: do something about it! Scope out some new cuties, or call that summer fling. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you.
  8. Enjoy your freedom. Everybody has radical little fantasies…and the chances of pairing up with someone who shares such a fantasy with equal fervor is not something to hold your breath for. 
  9. Don’t be desperate. Please, please, please don’t run around throwing yourself at every boy you see. You don’t have to dress a certain way (put down the tube top and micro-mini), do your hair or makeup a certain way, or act a certain way to get a guy. It may sound totally cliché, but be yourself, and you will find somebody who likes you for who you are. It may not be this week, this month, this year, or even during high school. But you will find someone.
  10. Being married is a “lifestyle choice” and not a “requirement.” Therefore, being single is a “lifestyle choice” and not a “default option.” It is possible to CHOOSE to be single. 🙂
  11. Write a contract. Promise yourself things that you’ll do when you start dating such as: clear your schedule from time to time to do the things you want to do, make time for school work, balance your life, etc.
  12.  Just be yourself and keep an open mind. Don’t put your life on hold just because you are single. Live, learn and love every day and be of the mindset that you will be okay no matter if you remain single forever or if you eventually meeting someone. Because you will be.
T I P S AND W A R N I N G S  😀
  • Ignore the toxic people in your life. It is easy to recognize them. Their negative words of fear and discouragement sap your energy.
  • Don’t ignore your friends just because they have boyfriends. Just like you can’t help having feelings for your crush, they couldn’t help it that their feelings for their crushes were returned. Don’t hold it against them. Just be happy for them. You’d want them to be happy for you.
  • Be sociable, go out and have fun and meet new people, just because there is no one in your life yet doesn’t mean there never will be. Take your time and wait for the right person!!
  • Don’t change yourself for a boy. Ever. It’s not worth it.
  • Some lessons are better learned through observation, rather than experience.
  • Don’t settle for a boy not worthy of your time. If he smokes, drinks, does drugs, or harms you in any way, get out. Fast.

To wrap it all people, let’s hear it today for being single. Exploring the world, finding adventures, and scoping big scenes are hallmarks of being cool with being you. Because look — falling in love is great and falling in love is nice but that doesn’t mean going alone can’t also be sugar and spice. Good days and bad days,setting suns and shining stars, it’s all about perspective and focusing on who you are. Because if all you need is love, and all love needs is you, then it’s great to relax and enjoy… just being you with you. 🙂