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Behind the laughter..

In Random Thoughts on February 23, 2013 at 2:18 am

Sometimes we always try our best to act like it’s okay even if it kills us inside. We have to cover our true feelings not because we know we are strong and brave but because we have to save ourselves from humiliation and we think saving our pride from the people who took us for granted is the last option for us to help ourselves. We think, our pride is the only thing left for us because some people just don’t care about our hearts that we offer to them. And so, we laugh like we are fine, joke like we don’t care about they’ve done and we show them that we’re not broken even if deep inside, our heart’s bleeding.


larmes sur ma guitare (teardrops on my guitar)

In AUTHOR's ADVENTURE, Random, Reflection on August 9, 2012 at 10:44 am

I realized that my education had prepared me to do drug study, nursing care plan and case study into manageable bites but i had never learned
And so, I set about figuring those things out, those simple, basic things that for whatever reason I was never directly shown in all my years of schooling.
then I have met GUITAR in my life. I didn’t immediately begin playing the guitar then when I first heard my friend playing like that right in front of me, but it is clear to me now that a seed was planted that day, and the seed .
When all else in my life was chaos, the guitar was always there with its limited number of strings and frets. Music, while infinite, is somehow smaller than Life itself. When Life is barreling out of control, the guitar is there to guide me back into some semblance of order and stability.
An easy life is a boring life. Nothing much happens, and everything is completely in control.Watching tv is easy. Going to the movies is easy.
Playing guitar is hard. 🙂