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Never chase happiness..

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Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder…

— Henry David Thoreau



This quote is one of my favorite quotations of all time. For me, this is all about freedom of someone you like or love that no matter how you love them to be with you, you have to set them free even if it means hurting your own self because SOMEDAY, IT WILL BE OKAY. Ironically, happiness, according to the quote, is described as setting someone free. Do you think we will be happy if we set things/people who we love SOOO MUCH free and away from us?




However, it also helps us realize that if we will force them, there’s a greater chance that forcing them will make them avoid us more as if we have a communicable disease. Hence, we have to set them free and just wait for the right time they will return (if ever); if not, then that would mean we have to enjoy or focus on the other things we have in our life. For an instance, letting go of a gf/bf is such a heartbreaking thing, right? And so you’ll try your best to win them back, without knowing that it will force them to dodge more. SAD REALITY. But if you try yourself on focusing on other things like making a better you, with one step at a time, you will be able to move-on and guess what? Your ex might return if in case, you’re meant to be. Another example is, getting what you really want like being accepted to the school you want to be in. If a situation never allows you, it might be a terrible experience, but, if you will wait for the right time, then a better school might offer you a chance and that would mean a better opportunity.


Ultimately, what I am trying to emphasize is that we never knew what the tide brings so never settle for less and open your eyes to some better views other than what you see because you can achieve happiness, if only, you will allow yourself to be happy and change your negative perception. SOMEDAY, IT WILL BE OKAY 🙂


How to Get a Man to Chase You

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The dating game is filled with opportunities to play both the role of the hunter and the hunted. While many people enjoy the thrill of chasing down prey, it’s often more desirable to be the one being chased. Learning to magnetized and to be a histrionic to man’s attention is the key to getting a man to chase you


1. ARE YOU? – Let him know you’re interested.  Simple gestures like smiles or nice notes can work to put a smile on his face and make room in his heart. Avoid degrading yourself for the sake of attention.
2. PEEK-A-BOO-  Give him a sneak peek.  Shower him with compliments or praise when he’s feeling low about his job. Reassure him that you’ll be there for him even when it seems like no one else will.

3. THIS IS IT – Offer desirable bait.Remember, there’s a big difference between getting a man to like and you and getting one to chase after you. Being chase-worthy means being worth the sweat and energy spent trying to obtain you.

4. BIG QUESTION MARK– Keep him guessing. Men loves the unpredictable nature of desirable women. Since life is often regimented, make him feel that he can use you for an escape.

5. BE THE FRONT– Stay a few steps ahead of him at all times. Never let him catch up to your pace. The goal is to have him chase you; not let him catch you.