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In AUTHOR's ADVENTURE, Random on October 26, 2012 at 2:33 am

I have not written any new tips here because I am still thinking about what to blog that would interest my readers. hehe.. I am not that inspired nowadays for the reason that my internet connection is always down 😐


I would love to write so many tips but as what I’ve said, FORCE MAJUERE ( French term literally translated as “greater force/ superior or irresistible power”), the connection won’t allow me to publish my blog but just the shorter one 😦



Anyway, I would try my best to make it up soon. xoxo 🙂





In Random on May 7, 2012 at 8:46 am

It’s hard to blog when there are so many things I wanted to write. It’s even harder to choose of which topic should I pick knowing that I am in the month of self-laziness. 😛

Then, I realized that I have to start at least one to two topics a day. A single step is the start of a new journey, just like writing a single topic is also the start of more blogs. 😀 (whatever?) 🙂 Moreover, one of the reasons that make it hard for me to write a blog  is the warm temperature here in our country.. even using an electric fan doesn’t ease the warm inside my room. We do have aircon but we are conserving electricity to avoid high bills, thus we can save money. Life is hard but it’s worth to live 😀 phew! fighting! fighting! ❤

So, pardon me if reading this blog made you bored 🙂 just wanna share it to you the reasons for my absences in blogging. Hope you don’t mind… 🙂