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Do you believe in Forever?

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In my opinion, I don’t believe in FOREVER. I believe it doesn’t exist for any absolute reasons. I feel that this symbol is too idealistic…never real.

But first let me share with you the meaning of infinity. According to Wikipedia, Infinity (symbol: ∞) refers to something without any limit, and is a concept relevant in a number of fields, predominantly mathematics and physics. The English word infinity derives from Latin infinitas, which can be translated as “unboundedness”, itself derived from the Greek word apeiros, meaning “endless”.

Now, I don’t think forever is true because if it is, why does death exist? If it is endless then can someone give me definite reasons why life ends? Another thing, if true love is for eternity and then, why do people need to face death?

Another point I would like to open here is about REINCARNATION. Wikipedia says that Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body that may be human, animal or spiritual depending on the moral quality of the previous life’s actions. I wasn’t so sure about how it is related to eternity, infinity or forever…but, still, I won’t believe it because I have not seen any evidences or facts that would tell us that it’s true.

However, one thing for sure, God is infinite. And I believe that..(exception that proves the rule) 🙂


Paris, France.

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Someday, I’m going to be here. Someday, I’m going to visit this place. This is where I would see myself. I want to feel what it is like to watch the glorious night telling me that it was not and never will be a waste that I went here. Paris is a dream land, and I want to reach for that dream.


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I have not written any new tips here because I am still thinking about what to blog that would interest my readers. hehe.. I am not that inspired nowadays for the reason that my internet connection is always down 😐


I would love to write so many tips but as what I’ve said, FORCE MAJUERE ( French term literally translated as “greater force/ superior or irresistible power”), the connection won’t allow me to publish my blog but just the shorter one 😦



Anyway, I would try my best to make it up soon. xoxo 🙂



Speaking Skills Practice

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So, I was busy like a bee these past few weeks that I couldn’t even say hello here in wordpress. I just want to share with you what keeps me expect more blogs from me.. ^_^

As what I have shared with you before, I am reviewing for a TOEFL. I’m getting better at my Reading and listening skills but I can’t say I am good at speaking… T_T

So, to make it up, I decided to have a self-practice.. note taking, speaking in front of my webcam and recording it.. I even watched English movies and copied how they speak the movie lines (echolalia hehe)nah too far from the way they pronounce it .. Im getting worried every time I find questions so hard to answer… but still, I wont give upIt’s heartbreaking when you give up on a dream. It’s an even bigger tragedy when you don’t give it a proper shot.

Above. Pardon for a very bad handwriting. My task is to describe something that I do to reduce stress. I have to explain it and include details/examples to support my answers. As you can see, I answered READING BOOKS and the rest follows.. kapoy type! hehe… “_”


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The key to moving on is not to find someone else, but to take a step back and look at the big picture that everyone else saw except you.


Dear diary,

Last night, my cousin texted me and asked for some tips on how to forget someone who you don’t want to forget. Oh dang!

I was like.. !@#@$#%^%&^$&.

It’s harder than a math problem.. well, she knows that I am the the author of the blog “FACING THE RAINBOW”  – wherein I usually give some tips on moving on..

So, I called her what’s the matter. I discovered that her almost 4-year relationship suddenly ended in just a blink. I told her to give me time to answer her question..because…. I was busy with our lola’s bday. Unfortunately, she(my cousin) wasn’t able to attend the bday.



I remember the time when I was the one who was at her place right now.

I remember that forgetting is hard if you yourself hasn’t forgive yourself first before the person who hurt you. So, first thing first, forgive yourself 🙂

next is,in order to forget someone who broke your heart is to heal your hurt ego and fix your self esteem.. 🙂

FORGETTING someone is a long-way process, so it takes time and patience. ^_^


And here are the things to remember:


Healing your Ego shouldn’t be done by revenge or by hating the person because both solutions will let you become a resentful person. Healing your Ego can be done by showing that person that he has a lost a treasure (which is you). This isn’t a quick solution but it’s the one that will surely work. Direct all the anger you have towards motivating yourself to become better and better, sooner or later your news will reach the person who broke your heart and he will realize his loss.


Sometimes people fail to recover from breakups because of self esteem issues and not because of loving the person who dumped them!!


And lastly, Stop thinking about him and LET GO

I know its hard but instead of thinking 100% of the time, make it only 10% then 5% then 0% then stop doing it!!  🙂



Im going to call her back later.. just sharing it first here on my tumbleblog so people who has the same situation with my cousin can also read some tips that might be helpful to them 😉




disclaimer: not the actual  picture,

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Dear Diary,

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I’ve learned that you can’t please everyone. So don’t even try it. It’s a waste of time trying to make everyone like you. Just be you. I’ve learned the hard way and in the end, some people are just so full of hate that no matter what you say or do, they’ll always have something to say. They’ll never like you. So forget them.

The “50- day challenge”

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hey sweethearts.. 


Do you have a Facebook account? of course?! yea right..


almost everybody has his/her fb account. But we can’t deny the fact that Fb-ing sometimes gets boring.


Are you bored right now? Then we’re on the same boat. hehe 🙂


I just want to share to you my  secret  in conquering boredom..


IT’S FUN!! 😀




you can try this if you like ^_^






Step one: Make a new album and name it “50 Day Challange”.
Step two: Post a picture in that album every day for 50 days!
Step three: Give the picture a caption that says the day number, what was supposed to be posted that day, anda brief description of the picture.

GOAL!: By doing this, anyone who looks at this album should be able to know a lot about you.

DAY 1: Your favorite picture of yourself.
DAY 2: A family picture.
DAY 3: A picture of you and your bestest friend.
DAY 4: A picture of someone you love a lot.
DAY 5: A picture of you and your sibling/s, or pet/s.
DAY 6: A picture of you on your favorite vacation.
DAY 7: A picture of the one place you want to visit the most.
DAY 8: A picture of your favorite food.
DAY 9: A picture that makes you laugh.
DAY 10: A picture of someone you really miss.
DAY 11: A picture from your favorite movie.
DAY 12: A picture of the person you have been through the most with.
DAY 13: The cover of your favorite book.
DAY 14: A picture of something you collect.
DAY 15: A picture of your favorite thing you own.
DAY 16: A picture of something that you want.
DAY 17: A picture with a quote on it that you think describes your life.
DAY 18: A picture of you making a funny face.
DAY 19: A picture of you wearing your favorite color.
DAY 20: A picture of a tattoo, or piercing you have or want.
DAY 21: A picture of either the school you go to, or where you work.
DAY 22: A picture of something someone bought you that is really special to you. DAY 23: A picture of you doing something you love.
DAY 24: A picture of the person you can share anything with.
DAY 25: A picture from a sleepover.
DAY 26: A picture of something that terrifies you.
DAY 27: A picture of something that you love.
DAY 28: A picture from your favorite television show.
DAY 29: A picture from a night you will remember forever.
DAY 30: A picture of your favorite drink.
DAY 31: A picture from winter.
DAY 32: A Christmas picture.
DAY 33: A picture of you on your birthday.
DAY 34: A picture of you when you were little.
DAY 35: A picture of your favorite artist.
DAY 36: A picture of you at a party.
DAY 37: A picture of your favorite flower.
DAY 38: A picture of your favorite store.
DAY 39: A picture from Halloween.
DAY 40: A picture of your childhood friend.
DAY 41: A picture of your room.
DAY 42: A picture from birth.
DAY 43: A picture of your favorite actor/actress.
DAY 44: A picture of someone you wish you looked like.
DAY 45: A picture of your celebrity crush.
DAY 46: A school picture.
DAY 47: A picture of someone who makes you laugh.
DAY 48: A picture from a school dance.
DAY 49: A picture of the animal you would be if you were an animal. (Not the animal you want to be, the animal you think you are closely related to… if that makes sense?)

DAY 50: A random picture of your choice. (HINT: choose something you think describes you.)



Again,  by doing this, anyone who looks at this album should be able to know a lot about you.  😉





larmes sur ma guitare (teardrops on my guitar)

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I realized that my education had prepared me to do drug study, nursing care plan and case study into manageable bites but i had never learned
And so, I set about figuring those things out, those simple, basic things that for whatever reason I was never directly shown in all my years of schooling.
then I have met GUITAR in my life. I didn’t immediately begin playing the guitar then when I first heard my friend playing like that right in front of me, but it is clear to me now that a seed was planted that day, and the seed .
When all else in my life was chaos, the guitar was always there with its limited number of strings and frets. Music, while infinite, is somehow smaller than Life itself. When Life is barreling out of control, the guitar is there to guide me back into some semblance of order and stability.
An easy life is a boring life. Nothing much happens, and everything is completely in control.Watching tv is easy. Going to the movies is easy.
Playing guitar is hard. 🙂

The Blind Man

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I was asking myself these past days if how should I walk my daily life. I was tired of being stranded in the middle of nowhere and I felt hopeless and left behind.

One sunny afternoon, I was walking in the street of my hometown when I met an old man wearing a dirty clothes, with so many backpacks in his back. He was holding a dozen of broken umbrellas and a long stick of wood. And then I realized that he was an umbrella repair man. I remembered I have a broken umbrella so before the rainy season will knock on our barangay, I decided to let him repair it so i can be ready for the rainy days. I never expected that he’s blind because he was wearing a sunglasses. I pity him so much at the same time amazed because he has the capability to repair an umbrella even if he has no sense of sight. It’s amazing!


We chatted a little while he was repairing my umbrella. Because of my curiosity, I asked him if it’s hard repairing an umbrella without the sense of sight and how did he does it. With a humble heart, he just answered me with a smile and said, “ Life is hard. Sometimes we have to go through hardships in life to appreciate what we do have. Being blind doesn’t give me the reason to quit rather it gives me reason to strive harder and thank our God that He still gives me the chance to live my life with my loved-ones. Sometimes, you just have to keep telling yourself that God knows what’s best for you. You don’t always have to like what happens, but you just have to trust. Even if i can’t see, I trust God with everything.. and I do believe in miracle. 🙂 “

I was ashamed of myself because I have so many complaints in my life but look at that blind guy, he has no complaints in life but rather grateful for everything. That day, I realized that I shouldn’t be worried in walking alone and being left behind as long as I never give-up and continue on stepping my journey. I trust God that He has so many plans for me. And no matter how many problems we have in life, those shouldn’t give you reason to quit.  When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, you better give life a thousand reasons to smile 🙂